Exit Sign Combos

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Exit sign combos provide the standard illuminated red or green “EXIT” text with emergency lights situated on either the top or sides of the fixture. The advantage to these fixtures, besides ease of installation, is the necessity for only one compact unit instead of a separate exit sign and emergency light. This means one electrical connection, one battery system to monitor, and only one unit to install and maintain.

Each exit sign combo features an always-illuminated “EXIT” sign and emergency light powered by a backup battery system that engages when AC power is lost. This is not only a safer system, but a more efficient one too. All fixtures connect with 120v or 277v electricity and are UL listed for compliance in the United States and Canada. Installation is fast an easy with included instructions, mounting bracket, and additional “EXIT” faceplate to make the fixture double-sided.

With a variety of housing and lighting options, we have exit signs and combo models that are right for you. Email our customer support for help choosing the appropriate model or to request an invoice.

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