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Inverters are useful for large scale operations that require emergency lights, but without the need for battery packs in the individual fixtures. Depending on the power specifications of the inverter, multiple types of emergency lights can be connected to ensure reliability while eliminating the need for battery packs. Inverters are cost and time effective because they centralize the power requirements for many safety lights into one easily compact and easily maintainable fixture. We offer UL 924 listed inverters in both online and standby versions.

Online inverters are always on and allow for uninterrupted emergency AC power by instantaneously transferring the connected fixtures to the backup inverter’s battery supply for 90 minutes of power. Online inverters are a more popular model and are often required by building codes so that illumination within the building is constant in case of emergency.

Standby inverters use a relay that gets flipped automatically when building power is cut. This allows for 90 minutes of backup power, but there is a momentary lag between the building’s power loss and the inverter’s supply of power for emergency lights. Standby inverters support a wide range of fixtures for reliable power.

Browse out selection of online and standby inverters to find a system that meets your emergency lighting needs. Email us to request a quote or ask a question regarding installation or power specifications.

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