Wet Location Exit Signs

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Wet location exit signs feature a waterproof fiberglass design that is built to sustain moisture, rain, sleet, and even snow. This advanced housing s fully gasketed to protect the electrical components contained within the fixture, ensuring reliability and constant illumination of “EXIT” in the harshest environments.

Wet location exit sign fixtures display “EXIT” in either red or green and are available as standard fixtures or as a combination fixture that features a built in emergency light. Both models of fixture connect to 120v and 277v power and come with a battery backup system guaranteeing at least 90 minutes of backup illumination in the case of power failure.

Self-luminous non-electrical exit signs are also available for use in places where electricity is not easily available. These signs use the glowing hydrogen gas, tritium, to remain illuminated for up to 20 years, while remaining completely independent of a power supply. This eliminates the need for an electrician and makes for an easy installation.

Browse our selection of durable and rugged wet location exit signs to find a fixture that meets your lighting needs. When you are ready to place an order or need help choosing the right fixture, email or call our friendly and knowledgeable customer support.

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