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Exit signs are mandatory fixtures that must be illuminated at all times to provide exit routes for quick evacuation in case of fire or earthquake. Not only do exit signs save lives, they are also required to be permanently installed above doorways and points of exit in order to comply with building safety laws. Our exit signs clearly display "EXIT" in either red or green and are made of high-quality materials that are reliable and compliant, and available at wholesale prices with same day shipping. 

No matter the intended environment, we have an exit sign that will meet your needs. Whether it's an LED electrical fixture, glow in the dark non-electrical fixture, indoor fixture, or an outdoor sign that needs to withstand the elements, we have a model that will get the job done. All our exit signs are UL 924 listed and approved for use in the United States and Canada.

Browse our selection of exit signs and buy with confidence. Email us to have questions regarding installation, code requirements, fixture specifications, or quotes answered quickly. 

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