Wet Location Emergency Lights

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Wet location emergency lights are just what the name implies - fixtures that are built to withstand unforgiving elements. From extreme humidity to snow, light rain to sleet, these wet location emergency lights feature fully sealed housing guaranteed to keep the wiring dry. Our wet location fixtures are designed specifically for outdoor use and are NEMA rated as waterproof and weatherproof products.

Select wet location emergency light models also include the option to add an internal heater option, which allows for operation under freezing temperatures. This cold location package uses a thermostat that starts the internal heater to ensure dependable usage when other external lights would fail. This system can be easily tested with a quick push button on the side of the fixture.

Choose below from our selection of wet location emergency lighting fixtures, each of which will provide powerful light in the harshest of environments. Email us for help with a quote, more information on a specific fixture, or help with installation.

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