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Self luminous exit signs are powered by tritium, a glowing hydrogen gas, that ensures bright and constant illumination for 10 to 20 years with no need for batteries, electrical flow, or electrician to install it. This makes the fixture easy to set up and more reliable than traditional units. Because there is no wiring involved, self luminous exit signs can be placed in unique locations where electricity may not be easily available and are UL listed for wet locations.

All self luminous exit signs are stand alone fixtures that are available in black and white thermoplastic and red, green, black, and white face colors with lifespans of 10, 15, or 20 years. These fixtures are extremely low profile, protruding only 1” when mounted flush to a wall. Self luminous exit signs are also available as double sided fixtures for display of “EXIT” on both sides.

Browse our selection of self luminous exit signs in a variety of frames, faces, and display options to locate the fixture that is right for you. Email us to request a quote or help choosing the right fixture.

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