Exit Sign - Self Luminous Tritium - Red - 10 or 20 Year - Single / Double Sided

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SL Self Luminous Exit Sign

Our Self Luminous Red Exit Signs are self-powered egress solutions that are a great alternative to the electrical LED version. While operating tritium technology, this unit is not only the code compliant, but it glows constantly for up to 20 years. Self luminous exit signs have gained immense popularity since they were introduced more than 30 years ago.

The SLEX-R series is a non-electrical exit sign that allows you to eliminate the need for an electrician, as well as, associated installation costs that are normally tied to traditional exit signs. During the 20 year lifespan of the exit sign, no maintenance will be required - meaning: there are no bulbs to change, batteries to replace or connections to maintain.

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Self Luminous Exit Sign
  • Self ililluminated - Letters glow bright green
  • Red face insert with knockout directional chevrons
  • Maintenance free - self powered exit sign technology maintains itself
  • Compliant - UL 924 Listed for the US and Canada
  • Long lasting - 10 to 20 year lifespan
  • Single or double face
  • Installs in less than 15 minutes
  • 10-year limited warranty

The Self Luminous red exit sign is made from sturdy and flame resistant thermoplastic. It features tubes of tritium, a glowing form of hydrogen gas, that are aligned to spell "EXIT" and glow bright green.

Self luminous exit signs easily mount to a variety of surfaces. Back mount this exit sign or ceiling mount it using the included aluminum mounting bracket. Tritium powered exit signs can even be used oudoors, in wet locations, since their are no electrical connections. The Self Luminous Red Exit Sign is UL Listed and guaranteed to be 100% code compliant throughout the United States and Canada.


The Popularity of the Self Luminous Exit Sign

The self luminous exit sign is becoming more popular everyday because of it's completely non-electrical illumination technology. Self luminous exit signs use tritium, an isotope of hydrogen (H3), to produce brilliant green EXIT lighting. Self luminous exit signs are viewable from up to 125 feet away, which is the longest viewing distance of any type of exit sign. We offer a variety of lifespans for our self luminous exit sign, up to 20 years. The most popular is the 20 year model because for most installations, the building will be around for more than 10 years. So, by purchasing a 20-year self luminous exit sign lifespan, the need to replace exit signs after 10 years is eliminated and the purchase price is only about $35 more per sign.

Both single and double sided self luminous exit signs are available for purchase. When installing a double-sided tritium powered exit sign, use the aluminum mounting bracket that is included with the sign. Single-sided self luminous exit signs can be installed by simply removing the plastic frame and installing a screw into each corner, then re-attaching the frame. All self luminous exit signs are UL924 Listed, which means they meet the requirements of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and are guaranteed as code compliant for the United States and also Canada.

The best part about self luminous exit signs is that they don't require electrical conduit, so that means all installation, maintenance, and operating costs are eliminated for the lifespan of the sign. Guaranteed compliance, reliability, and no operating costs - could it get any better?

The Self-Luminous Exit Sign is completely versatile, it can be used both indoors and oudoors in all types of commercial applications. This sign is seen throughout offices, apartments buildings, schools, and many other popular building types. Order the SLEX Series in either a single or double-sided version (double-sided model is 2 signs attached back to back using mounting bracket). Self luminous exit signs are waterproof and approved for wet location areas.

External Specifications

Sturdy ABS flame-resistant thermoplastic encases the Self Luminous Exit Sign. A 1/4" polycarbonate shield protects the face of the sign from moderate abuse. Red face color is standard. White or black frame color choice.

Arrows can be configured in the field to indicate the direction of the nearest exit.

Code Compliance

  • UL924 Listed for the U.S and Canada
  • CS860
  • NFPA
  • Life Safety 101
  • UL Listed for Damp Locations
  • UL Listed for Wet Locations


10-Year Limited Warranty

Maintenance Profile

The Self-Luminous Exit Sign is designed to be maintenance free; the non-electrical tritium illumination has no testing requirements as it is self-powered.


10-year or 20-year lifespan. If your facility will be in operation for more than 10 years, purchase a 20 year model save the cost of purchasing new exit signs after 10 years.


Non-electrical tritium powered exit sign illumination requires no maintenance and there are no operating costs for the life of the fixture - one of the most technologically advanced exit signs in the world.


The low profile frame and multiple face and frame color choices for self luminous exit signs create a high level of design appeal.

Overall Value

This unique and innovative self illuminating exit sign feature universal applicability and is code compliant throughout North America. Extremely high overall value.


Installation is simple; it can be back mounted to normally inflammable surfaces in less than 15 minutes. An aluminum mounting bracket enables the Self Luminous Exit Sign to be top or side mounted.


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