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The Self Luminous Exit Sign is a self-contained and self-powered exit sign that uses tritium to reliably display "EXIT" in bright glowing green for up to 10 years. This fully code compliant fixture has become very popular since being introduced over 30 years ago. They do not require a battery or AC connection, so there no maintenance or installation cost. Not only can The Self Luminous Exit Signs be mounted in almost any location on almost any nonflammable surface, they are easily installed in 15 minutes.

The Self Luminous Exit Sign has no bulbs that burn out, no battery that looses its charge, and no electrical wires that deteriorate over time. You can easily install this yourself with no need for an electrician. With face plates available in red, green, white, and black, there is a suitable Self Luminous Exit Sign for almost every environment.


  • Self luminous design does not require battery or AC connection
  • No components to maintain
  • Face plates available in red, green, black and white; frames available in white and black
  • 10-year lifespan
  • Quick and easy installation
  • UL 924 listed for use in the United States
The Self Luminous Exit Sign uses durable thermoplastic to house the fixture. This material is sturdy and flame resistant, and comes in red, green, white, and black. The frame that surrounds the exit text and protects the unit is available in white or black. Tubes of tritium illuminate the exit sign for up to 10 years without maintenance or replacement. Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, uses radioluminescence to reliably illuminate "EXIT" in glowing green without the need for an external power source. 
An included aluminum mounting bracket makes mounting the Self Luminous Exit Sign to nonflammable surfaces quick and easy. This fixture can be back or ceiling mounted both indoors and outdoors, for a variety of applications in . The Self Luminous Exit Sign can even be placed in wet locations because it has no electrical components and therefor no vulnerability to moisture.


The Self Luminous Exit Sign is perfect for many commercial applications because it is durable, versatile, and dependable. This tritium powered exit sign can be used both indoor and outdoor, as well as single and double sided for bright illumination of "EXIT" down the length of two hallways. Common applications for this fixture include, but are not limited to schools, apartments, offices, and any other commercial buildings that require a fully code compliant exit sign. The Self Luminous Exit Sign is also approved for wet locations because of its tritium technology that does not use an AC connection or battery pack.

External Specifications

The Self Luminous Exit Sign is housed in durable and flame-resistant thermoplastic housing that is available in red, green, white, and black with white or black frame options. A 1/4" polycarbonate plastic plate protects the face of the sign from moderate abuse. The The Self Luminous Exit Sign features a sleek, low profile design that measures a slim 1" thick and 14" wide. A white face plate seamlessly blends with indoor commercial environments, while a black face plate is perfect for movie theaters and restaurants that do not wish to draw away from the ambiance. 

Arrows on both sides of the word "EXIT" can be customized in a variety of directions to indicate the location of the nearest exit.

Non-Electrical Specifications

The tritium used to illuminate "EXIT" in bright glowing green uses no electricity and is completely self-powered. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that uses radioluminescence to emit electrons that interact with a phosphor material to produce light. This process is 100% safe because of the shatterproof borosilicate glass that is used to house the tritium and position it in such a way to form the letters displayed on the exit sign. 

Code Compliance

This fixture is UL 924 listed for use in the United States and Canada. Also UL listed for damp locations, Life Safety 101, NFPA, and CS860.


10-year limited warranty.

Maintenance Profile

The Self Luminous Exit Sign is completely maintenance free because it does not use an AC connection or battery pack, and therefor has no testing requirements. Once installed, this fixture will reliably provide illumination for up to 10 years.


The Self Luminous Exit Sign comes in both 10 and 15 year fixtures. 10 year fixtures are a tremendous value not only because they are maintenance-free, but also because they are a one time purchase that will meet fire code compliance for two decades.


There are no maintenance or operating costs associated with the Self Luminous Exit Sign because it uses tritium to reliably display "EXIT" text. With this sign bulbs and battery packs are a thing of the past.


With a low profile frame and face plates in red, green, white, and black, the Self Luminous Exit Sign fits into almost any environment with an attractive design.

Overall Value

Due to its self-powered tritium technology, the Self Luminous Exit Sign saves on installation and maintenance costs.


The Self Luminous Exit Sign can be mounted to most nonflammable surfaces in 15 minutes with the included aluminum mounting bracket.


Self Luminous Exit Signs have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional exit signs because they use tritium technology to illuminate "EXIT," as opposed to old fixtures that require an AC connection and battery pack. They cut down on maintenance time and cost, while providing viewable illumination from up to 125 feet away. The 10-year fixture is the most popular option because it is only $35 more per sign while increasing lifespan twofold. Once installed with included aluminum mounting bracket, the Self Luminous Exit Sign does not require monthly and yearly tests.

Self Luminous Exit Signs can be mounted on the walls and ceilings of most nonflammable surfaces as both single and double-sided fixtures. The included aluminum mounting bracket makes installation quick and easy, especially because no electrician is need to connect the fixture to AC power. All Self Luminous Exit Signs are UL 924 listed for use in the United States and meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association.

With unparalleled reliability, lifespan, and ease of installation, the Self Luminous Exit Sign is a fully code compliant fixture that is all upside.


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